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Each week, The Spyglass Magazine brings you a rundown of the best books, music, TV, movies and more to get you through long days in self-isolation. Whether you’re looking to expand your horizons, make sense of the world or come to terms with uncomfortable truths, there’s something here for you.

Movie: Jojo Rabbit – Searchlight Pictures

Taika Waititi’s “anti-hate satire” sparked debate about whether it was in good taste to make jokes about Nazis at a time when the far right is posing an ever more serious threat. However, Jojo Rabbit is much cleverer than that. It doesn’t just make fun of Nazis, but provides a satirical takedown of ideology and how childish adults can be about their beliefs through the story of a young boy whose beliefs are shaken when he realises his mother is not only resisting the Nazis, but sheltering a Jewish girl in their attic.

Though there are certainly gags which play to a broader audience, mostly provided by Waititi’s buffoonish Hitler, Jojo Rabbit is filled with subtle humour which may require more thought. It’s also dark – very dark (not only in its style of humour). There are emotional moments in Jojo Rabbit which are genuinely shocking and stick in the mind long after viewing. It’s difficult to walk the line between humour and such powerful emotions, but Waititi manages it. With its Academy Award winning screenplay and strong cast (led by an excellent Roman Griffin Davis as the titular Jojo), this is one film which should be considered essential viewing in the current climate. It’s definitely worth your time.

Book: Moneyland – Oliver Bullough

This is a book about offshore finance. No, don’t discount it yet! The streams of unaccountable money which flow through global markets and accounts are one of the most influential forces affecting our world today and you need to know about them.

British journalist Oliver Bollough has written extensively about Russia and Eastern Europe for Reuters, The Guardian and The New York Times. In this pacy read, he takes you on a journey from the exclusive penthouses of London, to the secretive banks of Switzerland, to the spires of New York and casinos of Reno, to the tropical islands of St Kitts and Nevis. The story of trillions of dollars being stolen from developing nations by an elite few feels like something straight out of a Le Carré novel – except its all true. This book will change the way you think about money, finance and power.

Theatre: A Streetcar Named Desire – The Young Vic Theatre

National Theatre Live at Home is one of the few upsides of this strange time. Previously, if you could not fork out enough money to buy a theatre ticket or journey down to London, you would have to attend a small number of screenings at your local cinema (if it was being shown there at all). Now, world class theatre is so much more accessible.

The Young Vic production of Tennessee William’s classic play has been a highlight of the programme so far. Featuring a career best performance from Gillian Anderson as Blanche Dubois, strong supporting performances from Vanessa Kirby and Ben Foster, and intimate yet voyeuristic staging and camera work, this production is a must see.

Podcast: The Guilty Feminist – The Spontaneity Shop

221. Making Money Matter with Sindhu Vee and guests Emma Howard Boyd and Henna Shah The Guilty Feminist

The Guilty FeministPresented by Deborah Frances-White and Sindhu Vee Episode 221: Making Money Matterwith special guests Emma Howard Boyd and Henna Shah with music from Katey Brooks. Recorded 15 September via Zoom. Released 28 September 2020. The Guilty Feminist theme by Mark Hodge and produced by Nick Sheldon. Be Well Workshops. More about Deborah Frances-White More about Sindhu Vee More about Emma Howard Boyd More about Henna Shah More about Katey Brooks For more information about this and other episodes… visit tweet us like our Facebook page check out our Instagram or join our mailing list Come to a live recording! 24 March 2021 at The Eventim Apollo in London. Tickets on sale now. 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  1. 221. Making Money Matter with Sindhu Vee and guests Emma Howard Boyd and Henna Shah
  2. 220. Everyday Contributions to Feminism with Tiff Stevenson
  3. 219. Citizenship with Susan Wokoma and special guests Baratunde Thurston and Bumi Thomas
  4. 218. Size with Jayde Adams and Stephanie Yeboah
  5. 217. Twice as Good as a Man with Glenn Boozan and Feminista Jones

This podcast explores the cast and audiences noble goals as feminists and the hypocrisies and insecurities with undermine them. And it’s a blast! Combining standup, discussion and interviews with remarkable people, Deborah Frances-White has created something of a phenomenon with this long-running podcast which regularly sells out theatres.

Although the new lockdown format is slightly different, you still have a diverse back-catalogue of 200 episodes to enjoy discussing issues ranging from human rights to sex education. It’s a vibrant podcast which has built a community around it. And boy, what a lovely community it is to be a part of.

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